Camera-Ready Instructions

Camera-ready instructions for main conference papers:

Camera-ready versions must follow the LNCS formatting guidelines and not exceed the page limits:


Regular/Full research papers: 16 pages

Short research papers: 10 pages

Industry papers: 12 pages

Demo papers: 6 pages

PhD Consortium papers: 6 pages


Please prepare the following 3 files.

(1) The final pdf of the paper (as a stand-alone pdf file). Please name your final pdf of the paper as "paper_XXX.pdf" where "XXX" is the paper ID (you can see the ID in CMT submission system).

(2) A zip file containing all the source files. Please name it "" where "XXX" is the paper ID.
All the source files (LaTeX files with all the associated style files, special fonts and eps files, or Word or rtf files) should be included. For LaTeX papers, references are to be supplied as bbl files to avoid omission of data while converting from bib to bbl. Please note that hyperlinks cannot be included in reference. There should be one set of source files.

(3) A signed Licence-to-Publish form as a stand-alone pdf file (digital signatures are not accepted). Please name your signed form (in pdf) as "paper_XXX-CP.pdf" where "XXX" is the paper ID.

Please submit the above 2 pdf files and 1 zip file to the CMT submission system.

*Please complete the camera-ready submission by the FIRM deadline 23:59 Feb. 06, 2023 (Pacific Time).

Should you have any question about the camera-ready instructions, please email us at