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This story is from an experience I had 10-11 years ago. I was 24 at the time and https://xbuuz.com the mature BBW in question was 52. Hope you enjoy...

It was the usual Friday night down at the Glory pub in Nelson, Lancashire - a Northern soul DJ was spinning the same tunes in the same order as he had been doing for years and the bar was busy with the same weird mix of younger punters using it as a starting off point before getting the bus or train into Burnley and the older crowd who were settled in for the night.

We were in there as part of the former - a few pints and a game of pool before heading to the bright lights of Burnley. We were having a good laugh with some of the regulars we knew, them taking the piss out of us and our 'ways'.

As I stood around chatting with one of my mates, I caught sight of a group of women getting up to have a dance on the little makeshift dancefloor in front of the DJ's set-up. I recognised them as semi-regulars.

One of the group caught my eye - a bigger, short dark-haired woman in her late 40s/maybe even early 50s with a nice round ass squeezed into a pair of black pants and some luscious looking tits bouncing about in an a****l-print blouse.

I've always had a thing for bigger girls and BBWs and especially, unbeknownst to my mates, older BBWs. I'd had plenty of one-night stands with BBWs my own age - heck, there were plenty to choose from in Burnley! - but had never shagged an older fatty.

As I was staring over, she clocked me looking at her, said something to her mate, giggled and then looked back over, giving me the eye. I quickly looked away and down at my pint before continuing my conversation.

We continued to exchange the odd glance for the next hour or so before my mates decided it was time to head into town. Draining what was left in my pint glass, I headed for the toilet for a quick pee before we jumped on the train into Burnley.

As I came out of the toilets, the woman I'd spied on the dancefloor was heading towards me.

"Heading into town now are we?" she asked.

"Yeah, looks like it," I said.

"Shame, thought you might be tempted to shake your stuff on the dancefloor and liven this place up a bit," she replied.

I laughed. "You've clearly never seen me on a dancefloor!"

"Sure you'll find a nice slim bimbo to dance with in Burnley," she said.

"That's a shame - slim bimbos aren't really my type," I said, gaining a little confidence from the conversation. "I prefer my ladies with a little more to grab hold of."

"Ladies not girls eh?" she said.

"Definitely. I reckon someone like you - for instance - could teach me a lot more than those bimbos in Burnley."

"Is that right?" she laughed. "It's a shame you're leaving then isn't it?" And with a glint in her eye she was passed me and into the ladies toilet.

"Who was that you were talking to?" my mate asked when I got back to the group.

"No-one," I lied. "Just one of my mum's mates from work."

We got into Burnley just after 9 and mooched around a few places, chatting with some of the other groups we knew, downing a few shots and generally just have a good craic.

For some reason though, I couldn't get the woman from the Glory out of my head. Sounds a bit daft really but I just wasn't 'feeling' the night out tonight - I was daydreaming of taking the older chubby milf home for a good seeing to.

As the group headed towards another bar, I decided to make my excuses and head home. I knew the last train would be leaving shortly so legged it to Burnley Central to try and catch it.

As I got off the train at Nelson I could hear a few people coming out of the Glory and knew I had time for a quick pint before Alan called last orders at 12.30.

I walked in and clocked that the woman from earlier was still in and sitting on her own at a table close to where the DJ was packing away his things. I grabbed a pint from the bar and wandered over to her, noticing a slight sparkle in her eye when she saw me.

"Not fancy anything in town then," she said.

"Nah, not my thing like I say," I replied. "How come you're still here and on your own?"

"I'm just waiting for my taxi. The girl I was with was having some earache from her husband so had to go."

"So now it's your time to leave me then?" I said cheekily.

"Come with me if you want - maybe I can see if I can remember anything to teach you."

At that point, the taxi driver popped his head inside the door and motioned towards where she was sitting. "You coming then or what?" she asked me as I followed her outside and into the taxi.

Once in the taxi she started rubbing the inside of my leg. She said "It's been a while you know?". "Since what?" I said.

"Since I've, you know, done it," she whispered back.

"How long?" I asked, starting to feel my dick strain against my jeans as she moved her hand to cop a feel.

"Three years. Maybe more. Since my husband left, I've been sorting myself out. Quite a bit actually," she giggled, the night's alcohol loosening her up.

"We'll have to sort that out then won't we?" I said, suddenly feeling emboldened by the situation.

As we pulled up outside her modest terraced house, she fumbled around in her purse for the cash to pay the driver and then jumped out.

"My daughter is out with her friend and staying over," she said. "So we'll have the place to ourselves."

As we got inside the door she grabbed me and started kissing me deeply and trying to pull my jacket off. I kissed her back and grabbed a good old feel of her arse before reaching down the front of her pants to stroke her pussy through her knickers.

She started moaning and opened her legs wider giving me better access. I continued to rub and felt that the front of her panties were already soaked. She started moaning loudly as my fingers probed her smooth lips (perhaps she'd shaved in case she got lucky?!) and slipped one and then two inside her pussy.

She fumbled about with the button on her pants and started to pull them down, taking the panties with them. "No, leave the panties up," I said with a smirk. "I want to get those even wetter!"

"You dirty bastard!" she laughed as she backed herself up so she was sitting on her stairs.

It was my turn to slide my jeans open now, freeing my now rock-hard cock from my boxers and presenting it to her at the perfect height for her.

Reaching forward she pulled me towards her and fed my cock into her mouth, slurping and licking with the kind of intensity that clearly comes from not having had dick in three years!

She continued to gobble away at my dick for a few minutes when I could feel myself getting close. Not wanting to blow too soon, I took her by the shoulders and pulled her up and spun her round, pushing her forward so she was doggy style on her stairs.

I started to stroke her pussy again through her panties before sliding them to one side and getting in behind her to give a good licking.

The howl she let out as my tongue started probing her pussy was a sound like I'd never heard before, her breathing got heavy and her moans were so loud I felt certain her neighbours must have though she was getting murdered!

I was having a right old time lapping away at her soaking pussy and it didn't take long for her to tense up, let out a howl again and cum very hard indeed. Her juices were running down her pussy and onto her belly which was hanging down nicely and my chin and beard were soaked!

Sensing a chance to push her even further I stopped licking her pussy and started to slip her now-sodden knickers off her arse and down to her knees. As I was doing that I smiled to myself imagining what my mates would think of the scene - me spreading the arse cheeks of some fat milf quite literally old enough to be my mother!

Knickers around her knees and her panting wildly in the afterglow of her orgasm, I pulled her cheeks apart and started licking her arse while plunging my fingers into her pussy and rooting around like I was trying to stuff a turkey!

This drove her wild once again and she bucked and moved around like a puppy in a sack as I continued to lick and probe her arse with my tongue. She was panting heavily and between heavy breaths she letting out a****listic noises. "You dirty bastard, what are you trying to do to me?" she grunted as I could feel her pussy clenching around my three fingers as they moved in and out bringing her closer and closer to second orgasm.

"Stick that cock inside me," she urged in between the grunting noises and the deep guttural sounds she was making.

"I've no johnnies," I said, suddenly remembering I didn't have any on me. "I don't think you need to worry about me getting pregnant, not at my age," she giggled. "I need that cock and I need it now!"

Never one to want to disappoint a lady, I pulled my jeans down and guided my cock into her soaking wet pussy, moving it in and out at a pace which got quicker as her moans got louder.

Feeling brave - and wanting to test her - I started to ease my finger into her arse. After a little bit of resistance I finally worked it in and start slowly easing it in and out before picking up the pace. It didn't take long for the second orgasm to start and her pussy tighten around my cock.

Removing my cock from her pussy and finger from her arse, I pulled her knickers back over her bum and lifted her unsteadily to her feet. Her eyes full of lust, I guided her to the front room and she flopped down in an armchair, panting heavily and clearly not done yet.

I pulled off her shoes and black pants and threw them to one side. I pulled down her knickers again but rather than taking them off, I left them dangling off one ankle as I lifted her legs over each chair arm so her pussy and arse was splayed open and twitching as it waited for the next assault.

Realising I'd been spending all my time downstairs, I unbuttoned her blouse, cast it aside and pulled one of tits out of her bra and let it flop out. She had a large areola and her nipple was rock hard and clearly very sensitive judging by the noises she was making as I sucked and licked away at it.

I moved my hand back down to her swollen pussy lips continued to work my fingers in, out and around her pussy making her twitch and moan again.

Being a bit of an oral fiend, I slide back onto the floor and resumed my position with my head between her wide open legs alternating my licking between her pussy and her arsehole.

I knew she was enjoying it, not only because of the noises she was making but because she kept grabbing my head and holding me down.

I managed to work a finger back into her arse and picked up a nice rhythm, working my finger in and out as licked and sucked her clit and swollen pussy lips.

Just as she was reaching another climax and her moans were reaching a crescendo I heard what sounded like the front door open and then slam close. She clearly heard it too and in a moment of panic she clenched her arse tight around my finger and started trying to stifle her moans.

Not quite realising what was happening, I turned to face the door only to see what I presumed to be her 19-year-old daughter stood there with a friend. The pair of them stood there in a kind of shock at the scene in front of them.

And understandably so. Here was one of the girls' mum, legs spread over the arms of a chair with a boy - nearer to their age than hers - between her legs with a finger working its way in and out of her arse. Oh and with a tit flopped out of a bra and a pair of soaking wet knickers hanging off an ankle.

"Muuum!" the girl shouted. "What the fuck..." before turning on her heels and stomping upstairs, followed by her mate who was clearly trying to hide a smirk of some description.

To add to the humiliation of the situation for my one-night stand, as I pulled my finger out of her arse with a plop, the sudden loss of air pressure meant she let out a fart. The shame of that seemed to push her over the edge and with a weak whimper and a groan she gave into the orgasm she'd been trying to stop, covering her face with her hands to hide the embarrassment.

Sensing that as my cue to leave, I got dressing in silence as she collected her things and tried to make herself look decent. I scribbled my number of a scrap of paper and left it on the arm of a sofa as I made my exit with a mumbled goodbye.

I walked home, still horny and got into bed before tossing one off playing out the scene in my head.

It was Tuesday before I heard from her. A text to say that she was still reliving the moment in her head - equal parts shame and horniness from getting caught.

I got a couple more texts off her over the course of the week, one telling me that she was so horny she was led on her bed rubbing her pussy while sticking a hairbrush handle in and out of her arse and one describing the absolute shame she felt when she walked into the kitchen to find two of her daughter's friends giggling over what she knew was scene from last Saturday night.

Apparently she'd heard the girl who caught us say something like 'up her arse' before the pair clammed up as she entered the room.

After a minute or so of very awkward small talk - and smirks from the two girls - she said she had to run upstairs to her room and sort herself out, fantasizing about the two girls watching us.

She said her daughter hadn't spoken to her for a couple of days but soon came round when she needed to borrow some cash for some new make-up and they never spoke of it again.

I saw her once or twice in the Glory before I moved to Manchester and it was another couple of years before I saw her again... but that's a story for another time...