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OfficeTimer is a cloud based software well equipped, cost effective. Employees can even generate report on a daily basis, the period could also be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. The software also helps with how well and efficiently the current project is running and it also gives the employee the ability to track their own work schedule and help in prioritize their tasks.

As a business owner or manager, you don’t spend all your
time supervising your employees. There are other important things you need to
do when it comes to running your business. Sometimes, this involves travelling to
other countries or attending meetings that go for several hours you don’t even
have time to return to the office. And with online companies growing by the
day, most employees are now working at the comforts of their own homes. Remote
workers and freelancers have now become a strong workforce. Having this set-up
though does not mean that they can do whatever they want without regard to the
people that pay them money. They should at all time remain efficient and
professionals. However, as an owner or manager and being on the side part of
the world, you can’t always be certain that your employees really are.  The best thing that you can do is invest on a
great management tool known as the online employee time tracking software.

In addition to helping with payroll, the software used in these time clocks can create reports on employee productivity with detailed information like time spent on particular tasks or projects performed by each employee.

This kind of reporting used to be done manually which made it quite a labor intensive task, but with time and attendance software HR managers can get that information with a click of the mouse. Similarly, the time and attendance reports offer an unmatched simplicity for payroll managers due to their guaranteed accuracy.

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Selling softwares has become a outdated trend now a days, as everything is going on cloud and a lot of usability options are available.

It's now SAAS(Software as a Service), just pay for using the software on internet(Cloud). You don't have to get the software on CD's or Download screenshots them from internet to use them, just access the software with the login details and KEY's provided by the Time Clock company and you are done.
This is easier, but you need to clarify on a lot of factors with the vendor company on this and this is where the CUSTOMER SERVICE comes into play. Some of the factors are Server usability, server uptime, memory allocations (if allocated), server traffic capabilities, etc.

you need to get all these clarified since you are accessing the software from the vendors server directly with the KEY's.

Since fingerprints are unique to every person and are hard to fake, these make processes safer and quicker. Fingerprint scanners identify employees with their finger prints and thus eliminate the risk of buddy punching or time theft while preventing them from cheating their employer.
This helps businesses avoid paying employees for the hours they didn't work. Facial recognition employee clock is one of the best methods of recording employee time and work hours. Compared to fingerprint clocks, facial recognition takes longer to identify or verify an individual face, since it tries to match different components of the face, including iris, nose, and face shape, and verify the same every time the employee approaches the system login.

In fingerprint attendance systems, employees just need to use a hand or thumb print for the verification of their identity.

To verify themselves, employees place their finger or hand on the clock sensor. A facial recognition system requires them to glance at a web camera or LCD screen for a few seconds to identify themselves every time they try to access the system or clock in or out.

While fingerprint clocks are compatible in all environments, facial recognition employee time clocks cannot work in direct sunlight, though these use infra red lights to enable them to work in all types of total darkness or dim light.

A fingerprint time and attendance system is more accurate than a face recognition time clock.

A person's face may look slightly different with makeup or scars or any other factor, and thus the system might even skew the images.

Since the face recognition time clocks store pictures of employees, these are vulnerable to falling in wrong hands. If a miscreant gets their hands on the device, that could mean identity threat for many employees, with copies of their photos with the miscreant.

No employee would be happy about it. However, with a fingerprint clocks, there isn't any such threat, as these systems do not take any visible image of the fingerprints, rather measure the minute ridge patterns and formations on finger tips, which are then changed into a number through an algorithm, thus ensuring complete security to employee data.

Biometric employee time clocks are widely popular for ease of use, fast clocking systems, and easy enrollment.