Following A Lovely Cooked Breakfast

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Following a lovely cooked breakfast, we spent the rest of the day treating Donna and the kids to a day out, taking in some of the local sights. The weather was still fine, and we had a lovely, relaxed day - helped by the sexual tension having been relieved earlier on that morning! We finished up by having a nice meal in a pub, to save the bother of cooking and all the clearing up.

So, once the children were tucked up for the night, we were able to just chill in the lounge. Donna and Laura were stretched out on the sofa, me in the armchair, all of us idly watching TV. After a couple of glasses of wine, we were feeling even more relaxed and the conversation turned round to sex.

'I can't believe how easily you took Phil's dick up your bum,' said Laura. 'Surely it must hurt, being stretched like that? We tried it once or twice and I couldn't bear it!', she added.

'It hurt me a bit the first few times,' said Donna. 'You have to be in the mood; you can't just go for it any old time. And it's really important to have plenty of lube, so it goes in easier,' she went on. 'But most important, you have to relax - if you tense up, of course it's going to hurt!'

'I'm still not sure,' retorted Laura. 'I mean, a cock is supposed to go up your fanny, not your arse! That's meant for the poo to come down, not for sex! It just seems, well, dirty somehow.' Her convent upbringing was clearly still having a strong effect on her.

Donna patiently continued explaining, 'Thing is, you need to make sure you've been to the loo. You don't want his old man to meet any traffic coming the other way.' She giggled at her own joke.

'But most important, you need to get into a comfortable position. I like it when I'm lying on my back, like a missionary position. And lying on your side is good too.'

'When we were out in the garden...' Laura paused for a moment. 'You just squatted over him and fed it straight into you... up your... you know...', obviously feeling a little awkward at this intimate dialogue.

'I like that position too,' said Donna. 'It really lets you open up. And more importantly, you're in control. It's better than having some horny bloke just ramming it in, which is what most men try to do!'

I loved listening to girl talk. Especially when the subject was arse fucking. Donna had clearly had a lot of experience with anal sex, loved it and seemed to be trying to convince Laura to have a go. My hand strayed to my cock and started rubbing it through my jeans at the thought.

Donna leaned forward and whispered something in Laura's ear. She blushed slightly, seemed to think for a moment, then picked up her glass of wine and swallowed it in a couple of gulps. Then, without another word, she got up and left the room. I heard the bathroom door shut.

'I'm just going to get something,' Donna announced, and headed upstairs. A minute later she returned and, in her hand, was a small pump bottle containing white liquid.

'This is good stuff', she said. 'Expensive, but really worth it.' She demonstrated by squirting a little onto my fingers, which I rubbed around between them. It was quite thin, but amazingly slippery, like precum.

'Just in case!' she said, grinning. She gave my cock a lovely squeeze, making me groan.

A few minutes later, we heard the sound of the toilet flushing and running water. Laura came back into the lounge, just wearing a T-shirt and panties. She walked over and picked up her empty glass, handing it to me.

'More wine, please!' I was happy to oblige, hoping this was going the way I thought it might be!

It didn't take Laura long to neck that one down and soon looked like she had enough 'Dutch courage' on board when she said, 'Let's go into the bedroom. I wouldn't mind giving it a go, while I'm in the mood!'

We all made our way to the bedroom next door, shedding clothes as we went. I pulled Laura's panties off, and we clambered onto the bed, completely naked, except for Laura, who kept her T-shirt on for some reason. Laura laid in the middle, with me and Donna either side. We both started stroking and caressing her, and as Donna was focusing on her breasts and nipples, I moved down the bed, my mouth close to Laura's pussy.

Parting her legs, I worked my tongue between her pussy lips. She was nicely moist and tasted sweet. I wanted to get her thoroughly excited, so spent several minutes gently licking her pussy and clit, till she started moving her hips in response. Then I reached into the drawer in the bedside cabinet and retrieved the only sex toy we had. It was a silver bullet, about 2" long and ¾" in diameter. A wire connected it to a separate battery pack, which had a wheel to control the speed. I turned it on, slow at first, then touched it to her clit. She jumped as the first, intense vibrations hit her. She loved that toy when she was in the mood, and it soon had her writhing.

Donna watched intently as I worked the toy up and down, over her clit, then popped it inside her pussy for a moment. Pulling it out, I put it back on her clit and turned the speed up. The effect was electric, and she put her hand on top of mine, to hold it in the exact place she wanted it. The toy worked its magic, and a few moments later, Laura's body tensed and writhed as a lovely climax overcame her. After allowing her orgasm to subside for a minute, Donna told her 'Roll onto your side, babes,' and picked up the bottle of lube.

I moved round on the bed, so I had a close-up view of Laura's lovely bottom. This I wanted to see!

Donna squirted a generous dollop of the slippery liquid onto her fingers, then gently rubbed it all over Laura's anus and pussy. Two of her fingers slid straight into Laura's pussy, making her gasp lightly. Then her thumb was circling over her little puckered hole, round and round, gradually increasing the pressure.

'Just relax, babes,' she said, soothingly. Then her thumb, so much smaller than mine, was inside her entrance. Donna started to gently work her hand, so her fingers and thumb were gradually going deeper. I could see Laura starting to relax into this and was even starting to push back onto Donna's digits. Donna responded by pushing her fingers and thumb fully home, then started a slow, but steady pumping action, working them in and out of her pussy and arse. Laura was stating to moan, then Donna reached over with her other hand and started fingering Laura's clit.

I was transfixed. My cock was throbbing, swollen rock hard at the sight of Donna fingering my wife like a proper lesbian, knowing that she was actually getting her ready for me to fuck her tight little arse! Keeping her finger working on her clit, Donna slid her fingers out of Laura's pussy and her thumb out of her arse, then gently pushed two fingers into her anus, making Laura gasp. She slid them right in and continued the fucking motion.

Laura was clearly relaxing under this attention, gyrating her hips and pushing herself onto Donna's embedded fingers.

'You're ready for some cock now, girl!' said Donna. 'Phil, come round this side,' she said, as she eased her fingers out of my wife's bottom and moved aside.

I laid down behind her and Donna smeared a fresh quantity of the lube all over my cock. I then brought my cock up between Laura's cheeks. My first attempt missed, the whole area was so slippery, and I slid straight into her pussy, which felt lovely, but wasn't where I wanted to be. So I slid back out and repositioned, locating her puckered opening with the tip of my cock. I gave a gentle push and felt her tight little ring relax for second, allowing the head of my cock to pop inside. She gasped.

Donna moved round, then started stroking Laura's clit again. Laura's bum hole was twitching and pulsing around my cock head. I could have easily cum like that, but I wanted to fuck her properly. I pushed forward a little and felt another inch or two slide in. Laura gasped again.

'I don't know if I can do this! It does hurt quite a bit!'

I lay still for a minute, to let her arse get used to the intrusion. After a while, I was able to start a gentle in and out movement, but daren't stab her with the whole length, for fear that she'd just pull away. Then she started to roll over, onto her knees. I carefully followed, managing to keep the head of my cock embedded in her arse. Once on her hands and knees, she started working with me to create a gentle backwards and forwards motion, my cock sliding in and out a couple of inches. It felt so good, it took all of my self-control to resist ramming it in, right up to the hilt.

Suddenly, without any warning, she simply pushed back, impaling her arse on my cock. It slid all the rest of the way in, and there I was, completely buried in her rectum, balls against her arse cheeks.

'Oooohhhh!' Laura sighed. She knew she'd taken the lot.

'Well done, babes!' said Donna.

I took hold of Laura's hips and gently started pistoning in and out. Her sphincter relaxed and then I was really fucking her arse, faster and harder, just like I would her pussy.

I reached one hand underneath her and started strumming her clit. Donna had picked up the toy and was busy with it on her pussy, clearly enjoying the scene in front of her.

Laura was taking my cock up her arse like a pro, letting me pull almost right out, then shoving it right the way back in. I kept still and pulled her hips back and forth to make her pound her arse on and off my cock my balls slapping her arse cheeks. I was delighting in watching the whole of my length disappearing into her stretched brown hole, but before long, I could feel those familiar surges building, and moments later, was shooting my jets of cum deep into her rectum.

I knelt there, trembling and shaking for a couple of minutes, till I felt my cock start to soften. Then I very gently eased back, allowing my cock to pop out of her arse. Laura flopped over sideways, exhausted, the area round her arse glistening with cum and lube.

Donna moved forward and took my semi-hard cock in her hand, then holding it between her finger and thumb, squeezed it from the base to the tip, pushing out the last few dribbles of cum onto the head. Leaning forward, she licked it off, then took my cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue round it, licking it clean for me.

'Mmmmm, yum', she murmured.

'What d'you reckon, then, babes?' Donna asked Laura.

'Well... it was better than I thought it would be. It's still not my favourite thing, but I'm beginning to see why you like it so much,' said Laura.

'It gets better and better with practice,' said Donna.

I was all in favour of that!